Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Canon EOS 6D MkII has a flip out variangle screen! Very nice for low angle or video. Canon's first on a full frame. Very cool....#want #canon #6dmk2 #eos #eos6dmk2

Today's stolen office snacks are more healthy than yesterday's. :) #officesnacks #stolen #snacks #stolensnacks

Monday, June 26, 2017

Hot water heater died. Time of death was 1201 am...

Stormy desert sky with a touch of rainbow. Here in New Mexico....

Bigfoot, UFO Video, Missing 411 and Ape-Like Killers

Episode 40
CheapGeek Podcast
Bigfoot, UFO Video and Ape-Like Killers
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2. Driver freaks out after spotting ghostly figure in middle of road - and it's not first time it's been seen there
3.   UFO hunters spot 'flying Alien disc' moving at high speed on NASA space station live feed
4. New Mexico Sites:   People are disappearing in the Santa Fe National Forest:
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New Mexico or Florida or Some other Weird Place:
  1. Thrift Shop Broken robbed in broad daylight with multiple witnesses:
Cryptozoology Stuff:
  1. Real or Hoax? Utah Cornfield Bigfoot Video.
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

STEREO! Shotgun Video Microphone Review Comica CVM-SV20

STEREO Shotgun Video Microphone Review Comica CVM-SV20
Comica CVM-SV20 Full Metal on-camera Stereo Shotgun Video Microphone 

Amazon Link:
Polar Pattern: Stereo
Low-cut Feature. 
20dB sensitivity enhancement and 200Hz low-frequency attenuation to meet the different field Co-use.
Low Self-noise Function. 
Specially Designed for Camera. 
Designed with the double internal Mics for stereo audio picking up. 
It can assist your camera , camcorder or phone for professional video recording to make it to broadcasting level.
Super shield and anti-interference. 
Fully made of Aluminum alloy and comes with anti interference function,
can effectively reduce the noise of the surrounding environment to be picked up.
Polar Pattern: Stereo 
Maximum SPL:larger than 120 dB 
Frequency Range: 100HZ?15000HZ 
THD:less than 1% 
Dynamic Range:100 dB 
Signal / Noise :larger than 60 dB 
Battery Duration:36Hours 
Voltage: 3V 
Size : 116mm*31mm*64.3mm 

In Box List 
Mic Body 
Mic Windscreen 
CR2032 Battery