Wednesday, May 16, 2012

*UPDATE* Netflix firmware update for the NextBook Premium 8SE.

The NetFlix fix is available as firmware update from NextBook USA.
This should cover the NextBook Premium 8SE models sold by HSN and everywhere else..
Here's the Link, for those who are interested-

Here's a NextBook Premium 8SE NetFlix fix.
When I bought this tablet, I wasn't expecting the best, after all it was dirt cheap
as far as Android 4.0 Tablets go.
When I tried to use NetFlix, it was a no go.
So, I fiddled around and still couldn't get it to work.
I actually forgot about it until I found that there was a fix available
from the Home Shopping Network. Good Job HSN!
I'm not sure if this fix will work on any other tablet, aside from the
HSN version.
So you're on your own for that.
I nstalled and ran the fix and it works! YAY!
It takes about 30 mins or so to download and install the patch.
Your results may vary.
If you are not Android inclined or computer savy, you may need to enlist the services of someone who is.
So here's what I did, and I hope it helps..

-Links no longer available at HSN.
Please use Nextbookusa's website for links / information. 
The video has been updated. Thanks!