Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Personal Weather Center. or ACURITE Wireless Weather Center Model #0...

Check out my personal Weather Station or Weather Center if you prefer..
It's an Acu-Rite Weather Center model #00436.
It's wireless, runs off 7 AA batteries and has a 330 foot range.
It has a nice remote display and has an outdoor all in one sensor.
It has 3 sensors combined in one unit.
Really easy to install and so far it appears to be pretty accurate.
I have more than one wireless thermometer/humidity sensor.
Now, I can use this weather center to do a little more.
It gives me more information.
It's a nice little unit so far..
One day I'd like to use it on a mototrhome. has this unit for relatively cheap.

The only thing I wish the weather center had was wind direction.
So, I was digging around and found one from Kohls.
It's more expensive, but I thought it was interesting.
I'm finding there's an incredible amount of variety and prices in weather instruments.
Here's the one from Kohls.
(If you're interested.)