Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Solar Power Connection Kit. Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight 6 pc. Solar Power Connection Kit.
This kit contains a bunch of connectors to allow you to connect
your Solar stuff to other stuff. 
It was $8.99.
I used the ever popular Harbor Freight coupon and that dropped it to $6.99.
I think it's worth $6.99. It has some useful adapters, connectors and the 
extension cable is over 12 feet long. 
Over all it's worth it if you plan on goofing around with small factor Solar panels.
As I am. 
Some of the connectors can be used with other non Harbor Freight / Thunderbolt Magnum Solar 
panels and accessories as well.
I'll buy another just because of the extension cable and the cigarette lighter adapters.
It's not bad. Worth having, if you used a 20 percent off coupon to buy it.

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