Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quick Review- Vivatar VT4 Tripod / Steady Pod / Camera Grip!

 Vivatar VT4 Tripod Steady.
This camera grip is something I picked up from Amazon.
It's a camera grip, steadicam and tripod all in one. 
It works really well for small point and shoot cameras, video cameras and things like GoPro's.
 I don't think I'd use a DSLR on it. I think its a little too small for that.
It can also act as a camera or video camera pistol grip.
It's helpful to help steady filming and another to reduce movement is always useful. The handle open to become a small table top tripod.
It's very functional and cheap. It's priced at about $5.00.
I wouldn't pay any more than that.
It's sturdy plastic and has rubber feet on the tripod legs and the base plate.
It's 1/4 20 tripod screw is common for most cameras.
 Also has 12 positions that easily click and lock into place.
It's portable! It's a grip that allows recording of smooth video and photos.
I like it so far. It's a great little tool. I paid $4.99 for mine.
 Here's a link to Amazon- Vivatar VT4 Tripod Steady Pod