Friday, September 27, 2013

Flowerpot Speaker Enclosure! Quick and Easy Project.

Flowerpot speaker project.
Here's an easy project.
I was cleaning my garage and found these speakers that I bought from a thrift store.
They've been in my garage for about 2 years. Since I was goofing around with
speakers and the little amplifier, I decided to find a use for them.
I found these flower pots.
Thick, dense, terra cotta material, a hole in the bottom, ridged, tapered and having just enough cubic space to possibly sound decent.
So, I added the speakers to the pot, sealed for acoustic loss and vibration, added some acoustic filler and hooked them up to the little amplifier.
They actually sound pretty good.
These shallow depth, coaxial speakers are made for car doors and shallow mounting, so having the flower pots acting as a speaker enclosure
worked really well with these speakers.
It was quick, easy and I like the results..