Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hello, and thanks for listening!
Here's the very first Official Munzee podcast, brought to you by CheapGeek and LeftOvers4Dinner.
We hope you enjoy our very first podcast (hey, it can only get better from here) and tune in next week!
For this episode, we'll go over:
1.  Basic Introduction to Munzee (for new listeners and new players)
2.  Who we are and who Team Munzee is
3.  Podcast plans
4.  How to interact with The Munzee Podcast and Team Munzee
5.  Some highlights from 2013

Things not mentioned in the show:
1.  Munzvember was incredible.  We mentioned the Mustache pins, but did you know that Munzee raised ALOT of money in the first week of Mustache pins?
2.  Rob took over as President of Munzee!
Thanks for tuning in, and let us know how we did! Send us a message at

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Good, Clean, Fun!