Saturday, March 25, 2017

Every Campervan, Motorhome or RV should have this!

Every Campervan or RV should have this!

If you have an rv, motorhome, campervan, conversion van, travel or

spend time camping, you really need this. 

Having a weather station makes sense. 

Monitoring changing weather, temperature, humidity is useful information. 

Knowing when you need to prepare for weather, is piece of mind. The weather station isn't always accessible in the middle of nowhere. Often cell phone reception is spotty or not available.

This is stand alone and works for where YOU are.

This really is an easy van mod or RV mod. 

Install the weather station and mount the remote. 


Smart Gear Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station $17.00


2 piece set

Indoor or Outdoor

Wirelessly beams outdoor temperature to indoor weather station

Displays indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, time, date, day and moon phase

Built-in digital alarm clock with snooze function

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