Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Replacing Shocks? Chevy Trailblazer? Watch this first!

Replacing Shocks? Chevy Trailblazer? Watch this first!
Replacing Shocks on your Chevy Trailblazer?
Replacing the shocks on a Trailblazer is Easy!
I found that I did NOT have to jack the truck up.
I only needed 2 18mm socket wrenches and the new shocks.
Both shocks were replaced in my driveway in about 30 mins.
There's a kit you can buy that has both the rear shocks 
and both complete front struts for an affordable price.
It's a simple process.
1. Remove the bottom shock bolts FIRST. (they will slowly expand)
2. Remove the top shock bolt next.
3. Remove the shock.
4. Install the new shock- Top bolt FIRST
5. Then the bottom bolt (shock will uncompress)
6. Tighten both top and bottom bolts.
7. Enjoy the ride! On your way to eat a sandwich, taco or burrito.... 
Chevy Trailblazer Kit: 
2 complete struts and 
2 complete shocks for $160.00
Fully loaded complete unit is safe and easy to install. 
Guranteed fit and function.
The strut is nitrogen gas charged with 4 Lip Teflon banded Piston Seal. 
Micro polished chrome plated piston rod and all weather SV3 fluid.
Coil Spring is heated treated & powder coated to ensure longevity and protection from Corrosion.
Spring seats insulated to springs to ensure quiet and comfortable ride quality.
Neoprene boots and bump stops when applicable. 
Limited Lifetime Warranty