Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Smithfield Slamming BBQ festival and cookoff

On Sat. my kids and I went to the BBQ festival and worked a little bit with Poor Richard's BBQ.
This was their first foray into the BBQ festival experience and overall, after a rocky start, things went well. I think the weather on Friday threw them for a loop and hence the rocky start.
This was also the 1st annual Smithfield Slamming BBQ festival and I'm pretty sure it will happen again next year. I'll post some pictures of the event later on. It should be noted that Poor Richards BBQ which is located in Portsmouth VA. -Makes the best pulled pork BBQ. and that's no lie.
You should check out their site- especially if you are local to the Tidewater area. They deliver and are local. There were people coming over and complimenting the BBQ's unique flavor and taste. Good Stuff. I'll post more details later as well.