Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fabric Softener Sheets, Smell good and do good things.

Throw a couple in your dresser drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh.
Put a couple in your stored clothes to keep them smelling fresh.
Put a couple in your Vacuum cleaner bag for an air freshener.
Linen closet is also a good place  for a couple.

They reduce static, rub it on your head to reduce fly aways and frizz, or your brush or comb.
Rub down your stinking dog.
Rub down your stinking cat.
Stuff them in your stinking sneakers.
Stuff them in your dress shoes.
 (I store dress shoes in old tube socks to keep dust away and wild animals from living in them.)
After they go through the dryer-
You can reuse them to wipe your computer monitor screen.
Works good for the TV too.
Wipe down the dash of your car in between cleanings to remove dust.
Dust your house.
Clean your glasses.
Lots of different uses, some of them even worth doing.
Here's some more uses from Readers Digest, seems we're on the same page for some of these.