Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheap-Geek Old Memory Cards

Most of us have them, older smaller capacity memory cards.
Digital camera and video cameras have become as essential as microwave ovens or even televisions these days.
Everyone has them. I'm no different.
Over time I have amassed quite a few memory cards.
Small in capacity, and been replaced, these cards are currently being store in a shaving cup on my desk.

 Seems almost a waste to be Not using these cards. It's not the card's fault, they served me well. I have become more important, I need to carry ridiculous amounts of electronic data. Aren't we all that important? The Library of Congress or the Lunar Space Program in the sixties does not have as much data as I carry on a daily basis. About 95% of it is not important. This year, I decided to simplify my life..slightly.Now- I only carry 4gb of storage in my Android G1 phone, a Kodak Zi8 camcorder with 4gb, and a 2 gb flash drive.
What to do with the discarded?

I have a use for the older memory cards.
I store data on them. Yep.
Here's what I do / did. Take your really important files- files you would need if you had an emergency.
Files you would need if the house was on fire, a hurricane was coming. Emergency!
Birth certifcate, insurance papers, life insurance policy, driver license, wills, power of attorney, social security card, current photos all the really important stuff.
Scan the items that like the social security card, drivers licenses, things that aren't really text or has an electronic copy. Use a USB memory card reader, and store those items on the memory card.
Take the text or electronic items and store them on the card too.
I carry one when I travel, I update it periodically and if I need it, I have it. I also have an updated emergency contact list on it too. Before you say,"Why don't you just carry a flash drive," I do it's just busy with other important stuff, like YouTube clips or mp3's or pictures, or resumes or...........  
I keep one in a safe place, like my parents house.
I swap it out periodically with a more updated version...