Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stormageddon! Big snow, in Tidewater, Virginia.

We rarely get any real snow here in Tidewater, Virginia.
Here it is Jan 30, 2010 and I have about 7-8 inches of snow in my yard.
Crazy. Everyone seemed pretty sure that we would have some accumulation of snow.
I had doubts, usually I'm disappointed with our snow forecasts.
Our usual would be around 0-2 inches. 3 inches we shut everything down..
Which was exactly what happened. It's been kind of nice.
My dog got to play in real snow. We took a drive and I haven't forgotten my snow driving skills.
I used to travel, so snow was something I would encounter periodically.
We filmed some of the past two days..Here's a little video-
(YouTube quality is no good..)