Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Junk in the trunk 2

So before, in the previous junk in the trunk, I showed the Satellite radio.
I also mentioned the list. The list of Techno wizardry needed to make our adventures more
civilized. We're not animals and we aren't going all back to nature and sleeping in the dirt.
One of the minor things on my list- a set of cheesy camp lights.
Theses are the small strings of lights, with things like Hula girls, beach balls, flamingo's or tiki heads.
The possibilities of little lights are endless. Evidently a big market for these things.
I want a set of VW Buses in a light string set.
There's No way I could find those, not even sure if they exist.
During our adventure in the junk shop looking for camping stuff, I happened across these.
Behold- the next best thing to VW Bus lights.
That's right- Chili Peppers! I dig them-
I like them, I plan on stringing them around the side of the bus. 
Around the awning, and across the front maybe? I have 4 strings about thirty feet of soft rubber chili's.
The don't put off much light, they are more for ambiance any way. 
Add's a bit of festiveness to any camp out occasion. 
I've been pretty damn festive in my day, I'm not scared to string these up and have a good time.
At least that's part of the plan. 
Guess how much I paid? Nope WRONG.


I know they cost more than that. 
They should go well with the red and white bus color.