Wednesday, July 07, 2010

CheapGeek Travel Pillow

Over the weekend, the 4th of July weekend we did a little traveling.
We went to Black Mountain North Carolina. We had a good time.
I will post more about that later.
On the way home, we left early. Very early.
Since I'm a night person, I didn't sleep much.
About a 100 miles into the trip, I really needed a nap.
We stopped at a rest area, I kicked the seat back to take a snooze.
I needed a pillow.
So here's my CheapGeek travel pillow.

A roll of Bounty Paper Towels.
Works very well.
Neck and Head support. 
If you remove the Plastic it absorbs.
The quicker neck sweat picker upper....
I didn't neck sweat though...
I wonder if Bounty knows about this..
..could be important..

Picture Credit: Omi.