Sunday, August 01, 2010

Thriftstore Find

So I use my laptop in the kitchen quite often. Everyday actually.
The kitchen has a bar area in front of a nice window and makes for a large desk area.
It's great, make coffee, check email and do the other routine morning stuff, we all do.
Laptop speakers are never any good, too small and the sound quality is usually ass.
So, I decided to get some speakers.
These aren't my primary computer speakers.
So the idea of spending at least $30.00 for speakers, just to listen to the occasional YouTube or other useless viral clip on the net, not so appealing...
So the Thrift Store was a place to check.
I found some older but new (according to the grease pencil) Altec Lansing ACS22 computer speakers.
$6.98 for a decent 2 piece computer speaker system albeit, in 2007.
Quick search on Amazon has some used for 25 bucks. That's a sucker price for sure.
They sound good for being plugged into the laptops headphone jack.
Here's a picture.

He enjoys his speakers and so do I.