Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm STILL with Coco!. Leno still sucks.

Remember Conan O'Brien?
Remember how he was the host of the Tonight Show?
Remember how Jay Leno retired, then un-retired and came back to a new show at an earlier time?
Remember how it sucked really big ass? Remember how NBC and Jay Leno, decided to move the Tonight Show to a later time in order to bring Leno back- so he could continue to suck at his usual time with his new show?
Remember how Conan decided to leave the Tonight Show, pay for his employees contracts / severance pay out of his own pocket and got a big chunk of money from NBC. All while showing the world he's really a stand up guy? Remember how Jimmy Kimmel shredded Jay Leno on his show and Jay Leno's own show?
I do, I've always thought Conan got a raw deal...
Well, Conan's coming back and I'm looking forward to it. New show, new channel, new name, for the show. has a video from Conan. Conan reveals the name of his new show.
Check it out.
Conan  Nov. 08 on TBS