Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CheapGeek laundry tip1

Laundry tips.
Add a one cup of white vinegar to the wash for a fabric softener.
It also helps to turbo charge your laundry soap or detergent.
Vinegar will actually help the rinse cycle in your washer actually rinse left over soap / detergent out of your clothes.
Add a cup to the fabric softener dispenser or to the rinse cycle to help soften your clothes.
The vinegar smell is virtually unnoticeable after your wash is complete.

Can also be helpful to those with sensitive skin.
Vinegar helps to more thoroughly remove soap/detergent and the perfumes and dyes, that build up in clothes over time and helps with hard water.
If you have clothes from deep in the closet, an attic, thrift store or rummage sale, you can use the vinegar to reduce that vintage, musty ass smell....and it's Cheap...