Monday, September 19, 2011

Check out my nifty weather station. It's the Omnitech Premium Weather St...

This weather station is made by Omnitech. I picked it up from the Thriftstore.
It has a base station and a remote sensor.
It has the ability to add up to 3 remote sensors.
It has humidity for inside and outside and barometric pressure and it gives you the "feels like" temp.
It also has graphics for current weather conditions as well as lunar phases.
It has a color LCD and an alarm clock. It's pretty nifty.
One thing I like- it toggles between inside readings and outside readings.
Has a range of about 90 feet.. I like it..

Check this out- Found the weather station on Amazon. It has a different name.
It's exactly the same. The price is what I'm looking at. 

Celestron 47011 4-Color LCD Weather Station