Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tiny Solar Powered Memorial Day Salute.

I was goofing around in the backyard thinking about the upcoming 3 day Memorial Day Weekend.
I was originally going to make a video on Dollar Tree Solar items that I have collected.
But, when I started arranging them for the video, I realized they kind of reminded me of a USO show.
USO has been morale building for the troops for a very long time.
The USO shows were always slightly cheesy and usually pretty good.
So, I started recording and watching the solar powered USO show on my back porch steps.
I took a couple of minutes to think about our Armed Forces and all the
service members who served and won't be coming home.
I thought about the families of the fallen.
I appreciate their sacrifices and I'm grateful.
I thought of my service, my brother's service, and my Dad's service.
As a family, we have been lucky.

I was originally going to delete the video.
But I'm not.
This a Tiny solar powered Memorial Day Salute.