Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dollar Store Lighting Accessory Kit

Dollar Store Light Accessory Kit.
I decided with my home made lighting setup, that I would need a couple of items.
I need a reflector to add more light on the subject.
A bounce board, to let me bounce light on the subject.
A diffuser to diffuse harsh light or reduce shadows would also be nice to have.
I started pricing these items in ready made kits and for what I'm doing, the costs are way too high.
Everyone is on a budget these days and I'm no exception.
At the Dollar store, I was able to find the items to let me build me home made light kit.
I found foam board for bouncing light.
I found a silver reflector, that's really designed to reflect the heat out of your car.
I found a white vinyl shower curtain to diffuse light.
Plus, a clear vinyl shower curtain to diffuse light, but let more light through than the white one.
As a bonus, I found clothespins and a clothes line to let me hang the shower curtains.
I found two aluminum cookie sheets, at .$50 each.
They'll also act as reflectors.
The final thing I found, was a solar Hula girl that dances in the sunlight.