Saturday, September 01, 2012

Neoprene Camera Case for Dirt Cheap!

Neoprene Camera Case for Dirt Cheap!
At the store looking for items for my next video, I picked up some neoprene
laptop covers or sleeves.
They were $2.00! $2.00 is a great price for what I want to do with them.
I actually have a neoprene laptop sleeve that I use for my netbook.
My actual laptop has it's own case, and the sleeve for my netbook is ok for protection.
I thought about using the neoprene laptop sleeve cases for my tablets and I was trying to find
some that fit better.
I needed 2 sleeves for the tablets. I found what I needed at the Dollar Tree Deals store.
When I got the neoprene laptop cases /sleeves home, I decided to use them for something else.
As far as their new purpose, I think they'll work great!

You can get your own customized camera sleeve!
Put a picture or slogan on it..choices, choices.


Here's some camera wraps, if you're interested.