Monday, October 15, 2012

Quick Review- Canon PowerShot SX 40HS

Here's a quick product review of Canon PowerShot SX 40HS we recently purchased.
We bought it from Canon, refurbished off the Canon direct website.
It's a Great Camera so far!
It has a 24mm wide to 840 mm zoom range.
That's impressive!
Digic 5 Processor and Canon's HS (high sensitivity) system
for better low light performance.
A bright 2.7 inch swivel lcd screen at 230,000 pixels.
Hot shoe attachment for an external flash.
Full HD video. Big chunky controls.
It's solidly built, takes great pictures.
Has good full HD video. Slightly over sharp, though.
6 different types of image stabilization.
Slow motion mode and other camera effects.
Lots of manual settings.
A great Macro mode.
High Sensitivity System for better low light performance.
High ISO at 3200.
Decent battery life, about 400 shots per charge when using the viewfinder.
The list goes on and on.
I have point and shoot digital cameras and a DSLR
this camera is a great addition.
When the SX 50HS comes out, the SX 40HS should drop in price.
When that happens, I'd pounce on it.
Great camera..
This video goes over basic settings and there will be a link to some video shot with Canon PowerShot SX40HS, in the video.
Here's a link to some video footage shot at 1080@24fps.
Canon PowerShot SX 40HS Test Video- YouTube