Monday, November 26, 2012

Camera Stabilizer Rig, inspired by the FF.

This camera rig was inspired by the frugal film maker.
The design is fantastic.
It's easy to make, easy to use and inexpensive.
I modified it slightly for my use.
That's the beauty of it, it's customizable.
Using PVC is cheap and easy to work with and the choices of connections and
mounting points are unlimited.
It's a really good idea and design.
I used ice scraper grips for the camera rig's hand grips.
That was an excellent idea from KnopTop.
These guys have some really great ideas and great channels too.
Be sure to check them out at the links below to see what I'm talking about.
It's been fun to make. PVC is like the film maker version of tinker toys.
These PVC rigs can even be used for Ghost Hunting-
check this out-  Carolina Crypt-
Here's the link to the Frugal Rig-
Here's the link to KnopTop's hand grip video.

I like this camera stabilizer rig!