Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cheap ShotGun Microphone 320E Review ($15.00-$18.00)

Cheap Chinese Shot Gun Microphone 320E OR Professional Shotgun Interview Microphone Uni-Directional System condenser Mic.
I've been needing to get a new microphone.
A shotgun microphone to be used for my Canon Vixia cameras.
I have the Canon Vixia HFR-10, HFM-301 and the HFM-40.
The camera's onboard microphones aren't the best.
So an external microphone that doesn't completely suck and cost too much was
what I was looking for.
The "Cheap Chinese shotgun microphone" is one I've seen on YouTube
for a while now and the results have been mixed, but leaning towards the positive.
So, I thought I'd spend the $18.00 and find out if it can be used.
The price varies on these things and I've seen them so far at $15.00 -link below-
For what I do, this microphone will work just fine.
It's by means an excellent microphone. It's just barely Alright.
It's also $15.00 with FREE shipping from China.
Take that into consideration and overall, it's completely worth it!
I don't know how long it will last, but it seems to be decently constructed.
I plan to buy 3 or 4 more of these. Just in case the life expectancy is low.
The shipping time on these microphones from China is around 1-3 weeks.
3-4 weeks is more likely.
I like it so far.
I translated the Specifications:

System:Uni-Directional System- For Long And Short Distance
Short Distance:-45dB
Long Distance:-38dB
Output Impedance:
Short Distance: 1kΩ
Long Distance: 2.3kΩ
Frequency response: 100Hz-16KHz
Power Source: DC 1.5V (AA / LR6) x1
1.Microphone head should not be toward speakers, in order to avoid howling (FeedBack).
2. Don't adjust the volume too large (high), in order to avoid feedback howling.
3. If you don't use the microphone for a long time, remove the batteries to prevent (the destruction of the human race or battery discharge).

Here's the link from ebay if you're interested:
eBay link-

Here's another Shot Gun Microphone to compare.