Friday, November 09, 2012

Review Mennon DV-s 43mm Lens Hood-Canon Vixia HFM-40.

Mennon DVs-43mm Lens Hood with Lens Cap
I picked this Len cap up for my Canon Vixia HFM-40.
I've bought this style lens cap before and for the costs, its worth it.
They cost under $7.00 and have a wide angle aspect ratio.
It's made by Mennon and this one is 43mm.
It's black plastic and has a locking ring and a len cap.
It's $6.97 and gives your camera a snazzy semi professional
look to your camera.
Plus, it actually acts as a lens hood.
Should help block unwanted light and provide some
protection for the lens.
It's a simple lens hood, screws on to the front of the lens.
If you're looking for a lens hood, just look at the front of your camera's lens.
The filter diameter should be listed there.
If there's no threads on the front of your camera or no number, then it's not designed
to have a filter or lens hood attached.
Here's some specs:

  1. *DV lens hood with screw mount
  2. *Fits 43mm lens filter with barrel thread
  3. *Made from high impact plastic.
  4. *Smooth finish on the outside.
  5. *Matte finish on the inside.
  6. *Great for digital video cameras.
  7. *Comes with Black Hood Cap.

Amazon has it: