Friday, November 30, 2012

Video / DSLR Handgrip or Polaroid Handgrip Review.

I made a camera hand grip earlier.
It was about $2.00.
I made it because I couldn't see paying more $15.00 for one.
But, I found one from Polaroid for $9.00 on
I thought about it and decided I'd give it a try.
I like it so far. It gives the camera that old 8mm film camera
look and it does serve a purpose.
It definitely makes using a smaller camcorder more stable and easier to
Overall the Polaroid camera grip is not bad.
It really should be $5.00 though.
If they get lower in price I'll grab one more.

Knoptop did a video on using grips to "retrofy" the newer camcorders.
Great video- here's the link

Here's a long link to Amazon if you're interested..