Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bender's Christmas Present! -OR- 2 Girls 1 Coat. + Bonus! Pepper in a Do...

Bender's Christmas Present!
So being as it's Christmas, we usually give our dogs a little present.
Bender the Dog, get's a present all to himself.
He likes to unwrap it. He was sniffing around the tree.
He knew it was his. We made him wait till the girls arrived.
We also made him get properly dressed for Christmas, and visitors.
We went into the back yard so he can unwrap his present.
The girls decided to share my coat. 
My coat, that I got from my "little" brother.
It was a little chilly.
We took Pepper out there too. 
This is her first Christmas with us.
This was Ben's present so we tried to keep Pepper occupied.
Thus, the dog carrier. I think she likes it. Not sure, she doesn't complain much.
She generally just goes along for the ride. 
It was a slightly weird, but good Christmas..