Saturday, January 05, 2013

Canon SCA60 Video Camera Bag- Review

Canon SCA60 Camera Bag Review
This is a very nice small camera bag.
I was lucky to get this as a gift and I have other camera bags.
I really like Canon camera bags, they seem to be well put together, long lasting and sturdy.
This bag is designed for small video cameras.
It can also be used for small PowerShot cameras too.
It's a pretty sturdy bag and feels like it'll last for a long time.
It's made from thick vinyl, nylon and a rubberized, leather feeling vinyl covering.
It has 4 zippers and hook and loop closures for main compartment.
It'll hold 1-2 small Vixia camcorders, USB cables, a battery charger or power adapter, extra batteries and memory cards.
Good padding all around with strong zippers and zipper pulls.
Has a removeable shoulder strap with nice, soft, lint free, fuzzy interior.
Alos has 4 loops, 2 on the back and 1 on each side, possibly for belt or some other way to carry.
On the inside of the cover there's a zipper pouch for extra storage to carry cables or other items.
It's not a large bag and it's not for DSLR cameras.
It's a good little bag.

Here's some specs:
Weight 10.5 oz
Length 9 inches
Width: 4 inches
Height 6 inches

Price is between $9.00-$24.00 on Amazon.
Amazon Link with reviews.

Here's the newer version of this bag.