Saturday, February 09, 2013

1985 Motorhome- A slight Remodel. For Cheap!

Going to interior remodel the 1985 (nameless motorhome)
We have a budget of $300.00.
Here's the short list of our project.
1. Laminate Floors.
2. Redo Counter Tops.
3. Replace cabinet hardware.
4. Paint the interior.
5. Paint the interior light covers and fixtures.
6. Paint the cabinets.
7. Redo the booth dinette table top.
Our budget is very small. 
I fully plan to utilitze my CheapGeek abilities and take advantage of
these acquired skills to make the Motor home more modern looking.
I'll be documenting everything. 
Hopefully, I'll have some good tips and tricks for you.

Here's a tip- If your budget is as small as ours, you'll have a hard time at the big box stores.
Check out alternatives like close out stores,thrift stores or the Good Will. 
Check around for the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Stores too. 
There's lots of construction and finishing materials left over from the houses they build.
Those material are normally reasonable in cost and will be useful.
Here's a link to Habitat for Humanity store locator-

Here's what our flooring looks like.