Monday, February 25, 2013

G-Shock G7900-1 Rescue vs G-Shock DW6900 Comparison Review.

G-Shock Watch Review G7900-1.
After wearing my G-Shock DW6900 for 18 years, I got a new one.
I was going to buy the same watch again, it's been really great.
It's been rebuilt and it's been all over the world with me.
Sentimental value is strong in this watch.
But, I went with something new. 
My fiance got it for me. (Thanks!)
The G-Shock Rescue 7900-1 is the watch I choose.
Got it from Amazon, the seller was Watch Trendz.
Good experience with Watch Trendz.
I'm very happy and I decided to review the watch and compare it to 
my old watch. 
They're pretty close.
Very Happy!

This is my favorite style G-Shock. Wore it for 18yrs.