Saturday, February 02, 2013

Tripod Boom Mic Stand- Stage Rocker Powered by Hamilton SR630220

Stage Rocker Powered by Hamilton, the SR630220 Tripod Boom Mic Stand.
I plan on using a couple of these for pod casting.
The microphones will be mounted on the boom to keep them away from any accidental bumps, vibration or any other
unwanted noise that happens when you bump the surface that the microphone sits on.
I don't want to use a desk microphone stand.
I want the microphone suspended over my working area.
This should free up some desk space make it easier to work with.
Plus, it's a useful tool.
I'm sure I'll have other uses other than just using it for microphones.
I may be able to use it for mounting video equipment or lighting.
Available from Amazon and at the time, I really couldn't beat the price.
The have gone up in price but I think the really aren't bad.
They seem to be sturdy for the relatively light weight that they are.

Here's some information from Amazon and a link for even more information.
(Made exclusively for Amazon by Hamilton)
*T-handle adjustment for secure boom positioning
*Cylindrical boom clamp design with large clamping area.
*Dimensions: 38 x 4 x 3 inches @ 4.6 pounds.

Link from Amazon, if you're interested in more information and reviews.
(The reviews are pretty good.)

Look familiar?