Wednesday, May 15, 2013

7-Inch Hunting Survival Knife with Fire Starter.

Here's a quick look at the SE KHK6320 7-Inch Hunting Knife with Fire Starter.
Here's some good stuff about the knife.
It measures 7 inch long overall, actual blade is about 3-4 inches.
Full-tang stainless steel blade in black.
Blade is pretty sharp out of the box.
Equipped with green cord-wrap handle, which needs to be replaced with real paracord.
But, it does have holes in the hilt to make that easier.
Nylon sheath included and that's better than nothing. 
Magnesium-alloy fire starter is nice.
It's a decent knife for the price. 
Especially if you realize it's not a 150 dollar knife.
It's between 4-7 dollars and it's not that bad.
The solid tang is nice and it's pretty thick and feels sturdy.
Put a decent handle on it, sharpen it and its usable.
I think it's worth the $5.00 I paid for it.
They vary in price between $4-7.00 on average on Amazon and other deal websites. 
I think it's great at $5.00, meh at $7.00.
Here's a link if you're interested: