Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dollar Store Bike Lights with Holder!

Dollar Store Bike Lights with Holder!
I made a video on cheap bike lights before.
I used a Solar light as a bike light and that was nifty and all.
I decided I like the solar light in the yard better than on my bike.
So I decided to see if I could use the Dollar store and make another bike light.
I've done it on another bike.
It's really simple. 
Take 3 dollars and go to the dollar store.
Buy a flashlight, some zipties and some batteries.
If you already have some of these items, your bike light got even cheaper.
Harbor Freight is good about giving out the free 9 LED flashlights and they work well for this too.
The Dollar store bike light is easy to install. 
Check out the video, it's easier than trying to explain.
It's really easy though..