Monday, June 17, 2013

Portable Laptop Cooling! Easy,Cheesy and Cheap!

Portable Laptop Cooling! Easy, Cheesy and Cheap!
Heat kills electronics!
I've moved to using a laptop for everything and no longer have a desktop.
I have extra monitor and use a full size keyboard and mouse with the laptop.
It actually works very well and I enjoy the space.
The heat that comes off a laptop is surprising!
So I decided to try to keep the laptop cool, always!
I also use this laptop is a more mobile capacity so I wanted my laptop 
cooling solutions to be more mobile. 
I found the felt / wool slider pads at the home improvement store.
They work well to protect the hardware floor from chair legs and the chair leg tips and scratches.
They also work to raise the laptop about a 1/4 inch. 
They are soft and dense and easily removable. They work well.
I've found that sometimes I need more cooling space. I still wanted
to be as portable as possible, so I added the bottle caps.
They fit right over the felt pads and raise the laptop about 1 inch.
That doesn't sound like much, but it's been enough for me to notice
an improvement.
These things are at most stores. Check around prices vary.
Here's a link to Amazon for more info, if you're interested-
This video is #1 of a three part Laptop cooling series! 
Video #2 is called- Cheap Hardware Store Laptop Cooling Stand!
(I'm very excited!)