Monday, July 08, 2013

LA Police Gear Bail Out Bag. Worth Every Penny!

LAPG Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag. EXCELLENT PRICE!
I've been on a quest for a messenger bag / laptop / briefcase / work bag.
So far, I've bought 3 and until now, haven't been really satisfied.
Enter the LA Police Gear Tactical Bail Out Bag..
This is the best quality, value priced bag I've seen yet!
It's worth every penny.
There are other very similar bags out there.
Matter of fact almost identical bags-except they are at least $30.00 more.
This bag is sturdy, feels like it will last at least a couple years and looks good.
It has features that are useful and it's really well thought out. 
It's primarily designed to be a gun range bag. 
It has pockets to hold magazines, extra rounds, cleaning kit, your weapon, a radio, 
water bottle, a notebook / logbook, pen, flashlight and other nick nack stuff. 
I'll use it to carry my stuff to work. 
Look, I know my use is not really tactical or tough guy. 
I know my work is an office building, where this bag will spend more time carrying my lunch 
or other office crap for my day to day. 
I know I'm not patrolling the mean streets or still in the Military.
This excellent bag is an option or alternative to the standard corporate briefcase / laptop bag.
I know it's what I wanted and needed. 
Which is quality, heavy duty bag, with thoughtful organization that looks nice enough for the office
or travel.
As far as I'm concerned, this bag is it! 
This bag is quality tactical, without the low quality, tactical bullsh*t price!
It really is fantastic!
I will be buying more LAPG stuff and using it for the office and travel.
I'm  know going to get the LA Police Gear Operator Backpack for
my short travel trips. (Should hold about 3-4 days of clothes.)
I'm also going to get the Jumbo Bail Out Bag for travelling with my 15 inch laptop.
I'll review them. :)      

Here's where to get one:

Here's some Bag Features:
*Made from Durable 600 Denier Nylon.
*Soft Polyester lining to protect your delicate items from scratching.
*3 Colors available -OLIVE DRAB, BLACK COYOTE BROWN.
*Wide comfortable shoulder strap is also long for tall people and removable.
*Main compartment can hold an iPad, Android, Kindles, other Tablets, Ebook readers and smaller laptops or netbooks.
*Long Tubular pocket can hold items like a toothbrush, small umbrella or irregular items.  
*High Quality zippers and real Velcro used throughout
*Hidden full size pocket with velcro. Large enough to store a magazine, notepad or even 7 inch tablet.
*Two adjustable side pockets for water bottles or service radios.
*Main pocket has a removable divider system with a loop texture to help organize and secure gear.
*Pen or pencil pockets to hold at least 2.
*Small Flashlight pocket.
*4 accessory pockets with adjustable Velcro closures.
*Large side zippered pocket for cellphone, wallet, keys and other valuables.
*16" x 11" x 6.5" externally (15" x 10.5" x 6" internally)
*Carry Handles are Heavy Nylon Webbing, and runs the entire length and across the bottom for extra secure support.
*Large quality zippers With Paracord Pulls. 
*Velcro Patch on side pocket to attach moral patches, name tape, or unit patch.

** EXCELLENT PRICE! (Other Bags of similar design are at least $30-50.00 more) **