Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shan Zu 8 inch Ceramic Chef Knife! Review- Great knife and price!

Shan Zu 8 inch Ceramic Chef Knife Review

SHAN ZU Ceramic Knife 8’’ Black Zirconium Blade Black Wood Handle Matte Finish Chef Knife Healthy Kitchen Cutlery with Sheath Gift Box

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Healthy Material: FDA SGS APPROVAL, NON-Pb, NON TOXIC, ACID-RESISTANCE. Made of high-tech refined Zirconium Oxide, free of rust, chemical reaction. 

Effectively become your healthy guard, end the bacterial growth from the first line

Razor-Sharp Edge: delicate design for precision slicing and dicing, long-term retention of the ultra-sharpness, no need of sharpening. 

Only Hand Wash or Dry with Kitchen Towel

Wood Knife Handle: light weight, comfortable, natural color would never fade away. 

Heat-resistance, perfect meet your daily use, with this traditional craftsmanship, you don’t have to worry about it slipping.

Size: Knife Blade: 8 inch Knife Handle: 4.7 inch Blade Width: 1.7 inch 

Gift Box: 15 inch Knife Shealth: 8.6 inch Knife Total: 12.7 inch

Perfect Gift for Kitchen Cutlery and Your Beloved One, 

Fancy Gift Box, 

Knife Sheath