Friday, June 30, 2017

$24.00 5+1 Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Wavy Knife Set!

$24.00 5+1 Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Wavy Knife Set!
Need kitchen knives? These are worth it..

6 PIECE STAINLESS STEEL KNIFE SET - Includes 8" Chef Knife, 8" Bread Knife, 8" Carving Knife, 5" Utility Knife, 3.5" Paring Knife, and 3.5" Ceramic Peeler. Packed in luxury gift box make it a great gift for wedding, birthday, housewarming or any special occasion.

ECO-FRIENDLY PROFESSIONAL KNIFE SET - These knives are made with high quality, razor-sharp stainless steel blades for precise cutting. Wavy knife surface design with food safe and Non-stick coating helps blades glide through food with ease. Non-slippery handle with a soft-touch layer making it great for extended use.

ESSENTIAL KNIFE SET FOR EVERY COOK OR CHEF - These knives come with 5 piece multiple blade styles knifes and a useful geramic peeler, perfectly meet your kitchen knives needs and help cut easily through a variety food items from meat and fish to fruits, vegetables.

DISHWASHER SAFE EASY TO WASH KNIFE SET - These knives are dishwasher safe and even easy to clean up just with running water or warm soapy water. NOTE: Please clean and dry the knives timely after use. Please keep these sharp knives away from reach of children.


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