Sunday, September 03, 2023

Pocket Sized Zoomable LEP | The Brightest Flashlight under $50

Pocket-Sized Zoomable LEP  | The Brightest Flashlight under $50
Made by Vastfire is an LEP LED flashlight,  model number Vastfire VA-F07,

lep led flashlight | Vastfire VA-F07,

VASTFIRE World's Smallest and brightest EDC Flash Light 
900,000 lumens 1-Mile Best Long Throw Spotlight Flashlights 
Most Powerful Laser Flashlight High Lumens LEP + LED Combo
Pocket-sized zoomable LEP : the Brightest Flashlight under $50, 
The longest-throwing flashlight throws a giant spot of usable light over a mile.
Innovative Lighting Tech: 4 White Laser emitters, 4 times brighter than Amazon's similar medium-sized white laser flashlights, which have only 1 white laser emitter
Adjustable Focus: LEP + LED Combo flashlight. From a wide-angle floodlight at 10,000 lumens to a powerful spotlight with a max throw of 1,260 yards (12 football fields)
3 Adjustable brightness levels and strobe SOS total 5 modes for versatility: High (10000 lumens): 6 hours / 1,260 yards; Medium (6000 lumens): 8 hours / 698 yards; Low (1000 lumens): 12 hours / 169 yards; Strobe (6000 lumens): 10 hours / 698 yards; SOS (6000 lumens): 12 hours / 698 yards
Type-C Power Bank Flashlight with 5000 mAh capacity (Type C and Type A Fast charge and discharge) :
 Brightest setting runs up to 6 hours, fast charge to full in just 8 hours
Intelligent Power Indicator: The LED indicator in the side switch shows the power status; 
Enhanced flashlight control: Double-click for maximum brightness, single-click to cycle through three brightness levels, and long-press for a blinking mode
Best Everyday Carry Flashlight: With a pocket clip, Easy to take/use at any time
2 years warranty: IPX6 waterproof flashlight, 1)
 To make the bigger flashlight work, remove the cardboard in the battery compartment; 
Super Throwers heavy-duty flashlight made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, suitable for activities like hunting, 
camping, patrolling, and search and rescue missions

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