Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hungry for a Month

I was cruising around the Internet, checking out my favorite sites.

I stopped by the Digg web site, and found interesting article on a college kid who's going to spend 1 dollar today for 30 days for food. It's a pretty interesting read. It chronicles how much money he spends per day, for the items he eats. As I read his posts, it occurred to me, that I eat the same way. I don’t know if this is healthy or not. I found interesting, how he described how his body deals with the lack of energy, let's just say I understand. And also, the correlation between not eating until very late in the evening was also very familiar. At the end of the post, he donated his extra money to a local charity. A pretty noble gesture, I thought. After reading this, I realize I should probably change my diet and eat better, at least to be healthier. I think I should spend some time and investigate how to eat like a healthy CheapGeek. More to come. I might try something like this- But healthier. Instead of donating to charity, I'll donate the extra money to my 401K. So I won't be charity.

You should read his posts; you can find them at