Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cheap Geek- Make Refrigerator Magnets

CheapGeek- Make Refrigerator magnets-(not original by any means)

Here's the deal- after seeing the all the magnet Instructibles,

and having magnets

and a refrigerator

and crap to go on it,

I figured why not make and add my own magnets.

I had leftover business card magnet blanks.

These are the type with a removable paper back with a sticky side for attaching a business card.

As I am working on ways to become more organized, I was throwing things away.

Some of these items were perfect for being re purposed for refer magnets.

Here's where the- How To Starts.....

Step 1-

Gather Your Materials:

1. Crap- to serve as Art/Magnets. If your stuff is more interesting, your magnets will be more interesting.

2. Magnets different types and / or sizes.

3. Refrigerator

4. Glue- hot glue or some other suitable sticky stuff.

Step 2-

Take your items and make art.

The item weight should not exceed the stickiness of the sticky stuff -or- the strength of the magnet used to attach it to the refrigerator.

After you've stuck the magnets to the crap you've selected as refrigerator art,

stick them to the refrigerator.

Step 3-CheapGeek- Done

After you've attached your magnets is a neat and organized manner,

very carefully open the refrigerator door and slam the hell out of it.

If some of your art falls off- you may need to attach more magnet material or re adjust how the magnet is actually attached to your crap. (art) I had to readjust the fish. It would fall off. After adding more magnet material, the wooden fish was stabilized.

After your adjustments have been made, and your testing is complete- carefully open the door and reach inside, and carefully grab a beer.

Close door.

Open Beer.