Saturday, January 20, 2007

CheapGeek- Clean that Stinking Sink.

I’m cooking a Turkey. It’s January 20.

I bought the Turkey when the price was right and I’m going to cook this bird.

The problem is this-

  1. Turkey is frozen hard- like an ice cube- a 13.38 lb. ice cube.
  2. It’s takes about 3 days to refrigerator thaw that bird. Based on Weight.I will eat this bird on Sunday. My freezer is small I need the space for frozen pizza, burritos, Hungry man meals, you get the idea.There are a couple ways to “quick thaw,” a turkey.I’m using the cold water method.

The cold water method is this: (For future reference)

  1. With a thoroughly clean sink- fill with cold water. Approx. ½ inch over the bird.
  2. Place turkey in cold water bath. Ensure there are absolutely no rips or tears in the plastic turkey bag thing. If rips or tears are present, place turkey in a plastic bag.
  3. Place turkey in the sink.
  4. Remove and refill water bath every 30mins. Repeat every 30 mins. Until turkey is thawed. Roughly 3 hours and 40 mins. This completely depends on the weight of your turkey. Consult the tag attached to the plastic turkey bag thing.
  5. Clean everything that the bird has touched- even if it’s in the bag. You’ll also need to repeat the cleaning(s) when the Turkey is out of the plastic turkey bag thing.

The title of this post is “Clean that Stinking Sink.”

Before I can start thawing my bird, I need a clean sink- the reason for this post.
Since thawing the
Turkey in my sink will require it to be clean- I gave some thought to the cleaning method.
Cleaning the sink with chemicals does not seem like a good idea. No need to poison myself.
Here’s what I came up with- I’ll use dish soap and two readily available and very cheap kitchen staples. (Baking Soda and Vinegar)
Baking Soda and Vinegar combined, not only makes Volcanoes but also makes a fizzing, foaming cleaner.
Here’s what you do-

  1. Clean the sink with a scouring pad or sponge, using the dish soap. Rinse.
  2. Allow the sink to dry.
  3. Take the dish soap, and lightly coat the sink.
  1. Add some white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to a small squirt bottle or in my case- an empty dish soap bottle.
  2. Lightly squirt or spray the soda/ soap in the sink.
  3. Use a clean sponge to mix the baking soda, soap and vinegar to create a pasty mix. Small tight circles, Daniel-San.
  4. Make sure the sink’s surface area is coated. Let it set for 15 mins.
  1. Rinse well, and repeat if needed.

Don’t know if you need to repeat? Do it anyway.


  1. Clean sink.
  2. You’ve just cleaned and freshened your stinking sink.
  3. The baking soda and vinegar helps to keep the drain open. Think Draino, but for about $.25 cents.
  4. Baking soda is mild compared to scouring powder- safe for sinks that scouring powder is not recommend.

Other uses for this cleaning method-

  • You can do the same thing to your shower or bath tub. It works very well.
  • Eats through soap scum, mildew and is dirt Cheap, Geek.