Friday, January 08, 2010

Bounce magical, automatic, dryer bar, thingy.

Check it-
Bounce has made a dryer bar that sticks to the inside of your dryer.
It lasts for about 2 months, helps control static and acts as a fabric softener.
This may not be new, or a big deal to you- but to me it is.
Maybe this thing will help control the raging static that dwells within my clothes and everything I touch.
Living in fear of everything metallic is no way to live.

 It's bad this time of year. I went to pet my dog Ben and shocked him in the face.
He hauled ass. Sorry Ben.
This things attaches to the dryer drum, with some double sided sticky tape.
 I hope this thing is worth the 4 bucks.
You can get get quite a bit of laundry sheets for about the same price.
There's also different uses for dryer sheets too.
I have some in a previous post. Here.
I hope this dryer bar works out, it's a nifty idea.