Monday, January 11, 2010

Bragg's Liquid Amino's

I've used Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar off and on for a while now.
It's the best natural ACV out there I think. It contains the "mother," which
is the sediment or the ACV pulp if you will. Good taste.
The Bragg's Amino's was something I wanted to try for a while.
Picked some up from Kroger of all places. Usually you have to go
to a Hippy Healthy store to find it. Health stores can be hit or miss- you
have an eclectic blend of people that shop in the hippy health stores. They're all
giving each other the stink-eye. As if to say, "what are you doing in here."
Hipsters are especially quick with the stink-eye. After all they invented "it."
Not the Stink-eye, I invented that. I mean- "It" is everything.....
Back to the Amino's- very tasty. Reminds me of Soy sauce.
It's different, has kind of a woody-nutty flavor. Slightly salty.
Good stuff according to the label. Good Price at Krogers.

It's delicious so far.
Evidently it has lots of amino acids that helps with a healthy diet.
Tastes good on salad greens.
I'm going to test it for awhile...