Thursday, January 21, 2010


         (Artist: Mike Mitchell)
Conan got a raw deal in my opinion.
Bumping the Tonight Show to a later time slot, so Jay Leno could have a chance at better ratings (his current ratings are bad) was an assholey move on NBC's part.
 Hmmn, lets Move a 50 plus year institution like the Tonight Show, instead of shit canning the problem. (Leno)
 Conan's  new deal is a little sweeter with a 45 million dollar severance package, which includes severance for his staff of over 200.
Conan is going to walk away with around 33 million.
Conan appears to be a stand-up guy. He's including his own money in his staff's severance packages.
I hope he pops up somewhere on late night television, with a better show, on a better network, in a better time slot, with better hair.