Monday, January 25, 2010

Junk Store find..

So, I've started collecting stuff for our upcoming adventure(s)
The plan is take a 1976 HiTop VW Bus and travel in it.
Make small or short trips at first, then jump into a cross country trip of excitement and wonder.
I've done a cross country trip in a VW Bus in the past.
In a 1967 restored VW Bus. We took Route 66 and stopped at different places including the Grand Canyon.
Film was costly back in the day, so we didn't take many pictures to begin with, and the camera ended up eating the film.
So, some ten years later- I thought it would be good to recreate that trip with digital cameras, camcorders and all the electro-wizardry that was not available to me when I took the trip originally.
Which was in 1999 by the way.
As there's a recession on, the gathering of materials can take a back seat to other endeavors.
Like eating and keeping the lights on. We check the junk shops periodically  for camping stuff and anything that can useful for the trips.
Today I found something useful, a Sirius Satellite Radio.
A Starmate Replay ST2. The radio came out in 2005. If it works- great, if not...
I plugged in the radio turned it on and after the satellite synced, the channels updated and Boom- done... satellite radio with programming.
 I suppose the previous owner still has a subscription.
When the subscription dies, I'll renew it.
 This is one of the things on my list of electro-wizardry and I paid 3 dollars for it. 3 Clams.
Very nice. This will be good on the long trips.
Here's some pictures of the working unit-

3 Dollars.. not bad. Just need to figure out how to mount with the other stuff..
CNET reviewed it about 5 years ago.
Here's the link. CNET review