Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Junk Store Find 2

At the same the Junk shop the satelite radio came from- was this little gem.
It's a very old Avon bottle filled with cologne in the shape of a VW Bug.
If it was a VW Bus, I would have had a stroke. I collect VW stuff when I find it.
I didn't find this by the way, my girlfriend did.
Very damn cool. They sell this kind of swag on Ebay.
Last check, the average was around $20.00 for the best, to about $9.99 for the not so good.
This was $4.99 but marked down to $2.30. I dig it. Very Nice..
The fact that this thing is about 30 years old and still has cologne in it, is fantastical.
I haven't smelled the cologne in it. Avon back in the day, was known for horrible smelling
cologne. Cologne that burned for about 30 minutes after you applied to your face.
Provided your face is still there.. Shit burned..

This stuff probably follows suit, burns and is made out of real panther bits..