Thursday, January 28, 2010

Inappropriate Facebook Ads. WTF?

This caught my eye the other day.
This AD is crazy.
The people they chose for the ad, is what really caught my eye.

First off, I'm not learning shit from these guys!
I know all that "you don't judge a book by it's cover," but damn.
You have to follow your instinct.
My instinct tells me to stay away and not approach these guys.
Worse case scenario, they will kill you dead.
Best case scenario, probably filthy hippies looking for some loving or a hand out.
OR, I actually may learn more about refinancing or eliminating debt.
OR, is this ad targeted to homeless bums, needing to refinance their homes..
Which wouldn't make sense
These guys could be the best people in the world, I'll never know though.
I'm staying the hell away from them. Could be mugshot pictures for all I know.
I mean what? If I don't click on the ad, will I turn into them? Will they come get me?
Well, I'm not clicking to find out...