Monday, February 08, 2010

Cheap First Aid Kit.

There's something to be said about being prepared.
Having that little "something," that can make things better.
I used to carry a little first aid kit.
It consisted mainly of a Ziploc bag with a couple of band aids and some other minor things.
They were items that we're needed occasionally and it was good to have them.
Anyone who has kids, knows the value of a Sesame Street band aid.
(or insert kid's favorite cartoon character )
Slap a goofy band aid on a skinned knee and life can resume.
With the crisis over, you can get back to whatever...
When I was at the store over the weekend, my girlfriend cut her finger and I thought about that First Aid kit.
I didn't have one, or anything for that matter.Why didn't I have it?
My guess is, that since my kids are older, I stopped carrying the first aid kit.
That shouldn't really have been a factor, having older kids.
My state of preparedness has obviously lowered over time.
I don't even carry a pocket knife half the time anymore.
What kind of man doesn't carry a knife, or pocket knife or pen knife?
An unprepared man, evidently.
My Dad always carries his, and he uses it too.
I made a decision.
It wouldn't hurt to go back to the some of the ways I used to do things.
Some of the things I used to do was stupid, so I'll leave those ways alone.
I picked up some stuff at the good Ole Dollar Tree.
I needed to make a Cheap First Aid kit.
I needed to customize it with the things I need.
Here's a slideshow to make things easier-

I'll make a list of the contents, uses, and why I carry what I carry..later