Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Phil Harris and Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch is one of my favorite shows.
I really don't know why. The show follows Alaskan King Crab crews on their efforts to fish for enough crab to fill their holds and turn it in for a huge profit. The weather always sucks, the crews are alway wore out, beat down and the show's plot never changes. You'd think it would get old. It doesn't for me. 
The personal interactions of the Captains and Crews, is the draw of the show. 
There's family relationships there. You see them too, good or bad. 
You get to sit your cozy living room and watch them get the hell beat out of them. 
After everything is done, you get to watch them reap the reward of all that hell they went through. 
Big money for the crab. You don't begrudge them that big fat paycheck either. 
They earned it. Really Earned it.
I watch the marathons and I watch every time I see it on the boob tube.
I have my favorite Captains and Crews. One of my favorites was Phil Harris skipper of the Cornelia Marie. 
As the owner operator of the Cornelia Marie everything, success or failure, for him, his boat and his crew rides on him. He didn't have much time for bullshit.
 He did have time for pranks and practical jokes. His sense of humor was why he is one of my favorites. 
I enjoyed seeing the interactions Phil and his two sons had. 
Father and Son's the Sibling rivalry, the fights and scuffles. It was just real and often funny. 
Phil didn't take much shit from his boys.
He was pretty diplomatic over all, he'd let them bitch, moan and fight. 
He worried about them and their futures. When they'd come to him, he'd hear them out. 
Then he'd chew their asses, and get them back to work. 
He'd ride them pretty good, and rightfully so. He didn't show favorites and he was proud of both his sons.
Sadly he passed away on February 9th after complications  from a major stroke on January 29, 2010.
He was 53.

He was a Crusty, Pirate, Crab Captain, Dad, and I liked him.

Fair winds and Following Seas, Captain Phil.
You are Missed....

Photo Credit-
Discovery Channel
"The Deadliest Catch"